Advanced Cyber Threats: Your HR and IT Superpowers


What if your superpower could be helping to prevent the most advanced cyber threats from impacting your organization? Cyber criminals use social engineering attacks to gain access to networks. These attacks may include fake emails, befriending employees on social media, dropping off enticing usb drives, attacking through mobile phones and using a host of other tricks to gain access to networks. Did you know that 39% of these attempts get past firewalls, antivirus and other traditional defenses? HR and IT can help defend organizations from social engineering attacks.

Please watch this brief overview to decide if this event is right for you. (Hint: This event is right for everyone who works in or with HR and IT).

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The Truth about Small & Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) and Cyber Security


This webinar will reveal why cybersecurity protections must be an essential part of any small or medium sized business’ (SMBs) operations. We will discuss the negative effect that cyber threats have on a business’s profitability, continuity, effectiveness, liability, reputation. We will also discuss the effective allocation of SMB resources for security and compliance to combat adversaries; and how businesses should plan for their survival after a breach, rather those that only try to defend against one. This discussion will empower you to effectively approach compliance, and protect your privacy, business, systems, people, and data.

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