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Our Security Training is focused on the reality that while people represent an organization’s greatest strength in combating cyber security issues, they are also its greatest weakness. It is critical for an organization to establish a security training and awareness program for users to give them the tools and knowledge they need to guard against cyber attacks. Giving users the capability to recognize, respond, and report cyber security issues is of vital importance. Such understanding can only be achieved through training and education aimed at improving an organization’s overall security effectiveness, with a variation in training material and at sufficient frequency to keep a workforce engaged to protect your organization against cyber threats. Changing the organizational culture is a key aspect of our training programs.

Impervious understands that training can be tedious and boring, so we provide our training in shorter sessions that fit into the schedules of your busy employees. Users who can easily integrate their training time into their busy days will be more effective listeners and learners. The success of our training program is based on our ability to provide online, on-demand training throughout the year, and on subjects that pertain to an employee’s job and security maturity level.

Schedule a security training discussion with one of our cyber analysts today and start improving your organization’s cyber awareness and understanding.

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