Phishing Campaign

Phishing Campaign is a training service to challenge and condition users on how to recognize, respond, and report phishing attempts. Phishing has a long history of being the first action in a long chain of events of compromise for countless breaches. Phishing continues to evolve, it is difficult to protect against, and its use continues to escalate in use by cybercriminals. The process of training with periodic user testing is the best deterrent to phishing campaigns. Our security analysts will design a customized phishing campaign, testing sequence, and training by which your users will be challenged on a random and ongoing basis. Utilizing benign phishing communications based on random templates, an organization’s users will be assessed on their effectiveness in combating phishing and evaluated for potential remedial training to improve their future performance. The difficulty of testing can increase as the maturity of your users increases preparing them for more advanced forms of phishing attack.

Testing may include challenging your users with email (Phishing), text (SMiShing), telephone (Vishing), or other methods that may be employed as actual adversaries would in the real world. Testing results could include metrics for your organization and users such as communications opened, links clicked and/or attachments opened. Provide your user the training, understanding, and testing to take a positive step in significantly reducing phishing attempts, malware, spear phishing, CEO fraud, ransomware and a whole host of enticement-based attacks with Impervious’ phishing campaign service.

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Phishing Campaign (Testing and Training)

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Complementary No-Obligation Phishing Campaign Baseline Assessment (up to 100 Employees, 1 Week)

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