Password Management software assists in generation, remembering, and securely auto filling of passwords when you need them.  All good password managers are encrypted and securely store secret data such as passwords, passphrases, and notes.  Due to the sheer number of passwords we all maintain, the memorization of this data is a bit frustrating after a while. Many users do not perform best practices when managing passwords. The writing down of passwords, the reuse of passwords on multiple accounts, the use of simplistic easily guessed passwords are all common symptoms of today’s online user. An alternative to self-generation, memorization, and the insecure storage of passwords is the use of a password manager.

Organizations need to ensure their secrets are secure, plus they have the requirement in certain circumstances  to share secrets between employees, secrets such as server logins, subscription credentials, and bank information are common. A good password manager will allow an organization to securely share and control these shared secrets in a secure manner. The ability to securely control shared access, automate user management, allow centralized administration and oversight, provide the capability to implement multi-factor authentication and federated login by connecting to services such as Active Directory are all capabilities that make password management easy for users and a daily part of the organization’s security culture.

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