Governance and Policy

Governance is the process framework used by organizations to establish transparent accountability of corporate decisions, ensure the traceability of decisions, and assure the legitimacy and “auditability” of business practices. Governance involves everyone: executives, management, staff, and users, to ensure decisions are made in the best interest of the organization. The output of a governance process is the review and approval of organizational policies, infrastructure changes, and other business process decisions. Governance decisions are based on input from the organization itself, responses to needed change, or self-initiated projects. Impervious can guide the development of appropriate governance processes for any size organization. Governance decisions impact your organization’s policy, infrastructure, process, and security changes.

Our governance experts can assist your organization in developing a governance process that fits your company’s needs, culture, and desires.

Policy defines how an organization will operate and maintain its cyber security. Policies establish how to securely operate with confidence, set expectations, allow for effectively planning, prepare your organization for incidents, mitigate security risk, maintain proper business continuity, protect employees, and establish regulatory compliance.  We can assist your organization in selecting, tailoring, and preparing policies for approval via your established governance process. Examples of our available policy templates include the following:

Acceptable Use Policy

Clean Desk Policy

Data Protection Policy

Email Policy

Malware Protection Policy

Mobile Device Policy

Password Creation Policy

Password protection Policy

Physical Security Policy

Remote Access Policy

Social Media Policy

Telework Policy

Governance and Policy go hand in hand. Please contact us to discuss how establishing a Governance and Policy program will make a difference in getting your organization’s security and compliance programs on the road to greater maturity.

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