Compliance Auditing

Compliance Auditing determines if an organization’s processes meet its obligations to implement and follow applicable compliance laws or industry directives. Compliance audits can be comprehensive and are of importance to numerous regulated industries. Considering the increases in regulatory oversight and growing concerns over cyber security compliance, new requirements are being imposed upon businesses at an unprecedented rate. Unfortunately, compliance with these requirements is not determined based on the organization’s size, revenue, or ability to comply—small and large organizations must comply with applicable directives. To help businesses avoid non-compliance, Impervious offers an independent compliance auditing service which can assist your company to prepare for an audit by identifying compliance gaps and recommending remediation to close those gaps.

Policies, access controls, risk management processes, business continuity plans, security training programs, system designs, and configurations are some of the items that Impervious can review to determine if applicable security compliance requirements are being met.

Typical organizational compliance adherence may be required by:

Engage with our expert team of auditors to take the guesswork out of preparing for your upcoming compliance audit.  Additionally, if you do not know your compliance requirements, we can assist with determining what they are.

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