Cyber Security Assessments

Cyber Security Assessments For Your Organization

Cyber Security Assessments are a selection of in-depth analyses of your organization’s various security postures. Their objective is to identify cyber risks through the processes of auditing, observation, and testing. Assessments provide insights into your security posture, identify actionable security recommendations to reduce the impact of a breach, and increase your organization’s survivability. Conducting regular risk-based assessments assists an organization in establishing the data needed to combat cyber threats and improve overall cyber readiness.

Impervious Technologies offers several different kinds of assessments to meet your needs. The following assessments are often used together to form a complete picture of an organization’s security posture.

Network Vulnerability Assessment

A Network Vulnerability Assessment gives your business’s leaders the information required to make informed, targeted decisions to mitigate known and emerging vulnerabilities within your organization’s network. Conducting periodic assessments is the only way to validate the assumptions of your previous security decisions and identify, evaluate, categorize, and mitigate identified vulnerabilities.

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Web Vulnerability Assessment

A Web Vulnerability Assessment is a special type of assessment used to address the unique environments that websites present. Much of business today is conducted online in the form of web-enabled infrastructures that are vulnerable to attack. These websites may be internal or external to your business as intranets and public websites.

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Insider Threat Assessment

Unfortunately, many businesses do not understand the tremendous threats an insider presents. Current or former employees, contractors, business partners can compromise the security of your businesses by using credentials, internal access, and vulnerabilities from the inside, bypassing any in-place protections.

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External Vulnerability Scanning

External Vulnerability Scanning scrutinizes an organization’s security profile from the perspective of a cybercriminal who has not been provided access to an organization’s systems, data, and networks inside the network perimeter. The external vulnerability scanning of an organization’s network perimeter involves the assessment, analysis, and reporting of technical security vulnerabilities based on the latest updated vulnerability lists. Cybercriminals may exploit these vulnerabilities and threaten the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (C-I-A) of internal and external corporate systems and data.

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Threat and Risk Assessment

A Threat and Risk Assessment will allow you to conduct objective and repeatable assessments of your company’s existing risk and compare and contrast it with the companies risk tolerance level and existing mitigation efforts. A Threat and Risk Assessments enable a company to ensure that it has appropriate security controls, and process in place to mitigate know threats.

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