Why a Cyber Security Platform?

In today’s world, aggressive cyber threats are the new reality, and all organizations must be prepared for the inevitable breach. Statistics reflecting the frequency and impact of cyber attacks are staggering—and are only getting worse. The threats posed by insiders, phishing, malware, ransomware, and data theft should be of major concern to all organizations. Of equal concern maintaining full compliance with applicable regulatory and/or industry requirements. Our cyber security platform has the capabilities to build your organization a robust, proactive, predictive, and protective cyber security program to address security, privacy, and compliance needs. We start with a holistic foundational understanding of your organization’s business process, current cyber maturity, risk tolerance, and risk-based assessments, and we empower users with knowledge through training and testing. Following this process, we can suggest policies, processes, procedures, and technologies to provide your organization with solutions to prepare for and survive attacks.


Developing a clear understanding of an organization’s cyber maturity and exposures are critical first steps in the creation of a cyber security program. Assessments identify cyber risks through the processes of auditing, observation, and testing. Impervious offers a wide scope of assessments for your organization:

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Governance and Policies

Governance systematically involves everyone within an organization (executives, management, staff and users) to ensure decisions are made in the best interest of the organization. The output of a governance process is the review and approval of organizational policies based on input from the organization itself or through self-initiated projects. Documented security policies are often required to demonstrate organizational compliance with an array of regulations, frameworks, standards, and industry guidance such as:

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Email Security

Email is a very popular attack vector, and phishing attacks, malware, and exploitation of email systems are rampant problems. Email security covers a diverse range of solutions to address the whole of the threats presented. Impervious provides a host of solutions that can address these issues:

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Written Information Security Plan (WISP)

A WISP is an overarching document that describes an organization’s security program and defines, documents, and supports the implementation and maintenance of the administrative, technical, and physical safeguards relevant to the organization.

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Incident Response Planning

Incident response planning is critical to resolve incidents or breaches with minimal effect on an organization’s business systems and operations, and within a reasonable resolution timeframe. Impervious can help with your incident response planning. Typically, an incident response plan has the following elements:

  • Organizational Preparation
  • Incident Identification
  • Containment
  • Issue Resolution
  • Recovery
  • Incident Review and Improvement
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Security Training

Impervious can provide targeted training courses on cyber security that can track and report training progress and compliance autonomously. We can design training to suit your organization’s specific needs and ensure that your users have been properly trained, tested, and retrained if required to ensure maximum retention of the training material.

This is the foundation to our cyber security platform. Review our complete set of security services and solutions to learn more.

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