Managing cyber security

People Are the Key to Managing Cyber Security

Impervious understands that while people are an organization’s greatest strength, they can also represent its greatest weakness. Most cyber attacks specifically target the human weakness to be enticed by various means to click on dangerous links, download malware, browse unsafe sites, fall victim to clever phishing attacks, and engage in many other dangerous behaviors.

Because of this, it is imperative that organizations establish security awareness and training programs that ensure employees have the tools and training to combat cyber threats.

We offer a range of varied and targeted training sessions that can—and should—be conducted throughout the year. As an example, phishing training is held in conjunction with follow-up phishing recognition testing to measure user phishing defensive posture over time. These results automatically determine what remedial training is required to improve a user’s overall effectiveness in recognizing phishing emails. Additionally, a robust cyber security posture requires effective training, policies, and processes—with best practices clearly and frequently communicated to an organization’s users.

People are the key to managing the critical defenses that afford your organization the best chance to survive and thrive following a cyber attack.  They need the tools and knowledge to implement and manage your security efforts effectively.