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Emotet is back: botnet springs back to life with new spam campaign – Malwarebytes Labs | Malwarebytes Labs

After a fairly long hiatus that lasted nearly four months, Emotet is back with an active spam distribution campaign. Source: ...
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Employees Are the Reason 70% of Financial Companies Have Suffered Security Incidents in the Last Twelve Months

The latest data from cybersecurity vendor Clearswift shows untrained employees are clearly the source of incidents that plague an overwhelming ...
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The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Lays Out Strategic Vision and Priorities in the Wake of Texas Ransomware Attacks.

This new document, entitled Strategic Intent highlights ways to “defend today, secure tomorrow” and comes out as the CISA director ...
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Adaptive Pressure And Cyber Implications For 5G

When you squeeze a balloon, it bulges out where you aren’t squeezing. Likewise, when you increase the difficulty and cost ...
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6 Questions to Ask Once You’ve Learned of a Breach

With GDPR enacted and the California Consumer Privacy Act on the near horizon, companies have to sharpen up their responses ...
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How Cybercriminals Exploit Simple Human Mistakes

A new report explores how attackers identify psychological vulnerabilities to effectively manipulate targets. Source: How Cybercriminals Exploit Simple Human Mistakes ...
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10 Security Tips for Working Remotely – The LastPass Blog

Many companies offer their employees the option to work from home, either occasionally or full-time. While remote work offers many ...
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Building a Battle-Hardened Network | SIGNAL Magazine

Soldiers attack simulated enemy combatants during a training exercise at the Hohenfels Training Area in Germany. To meet the Army’s ...
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