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Cyber Security is no longer an “IT” initiative. It is an organizational initiative, and it needs to be treated that way.

Impervious Technologies

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Impervious Technologies

Impervious fundamentally understands that in order to have a proactive, predictive, and protective cyber security program it is imperative to support the people, policies, process, and technologies of the organization.  These areas are the four structural pillars of cyber security.

Through these four pillars, a strong holistic security posture is developed that mitigates risk, is resilient against cyber attacks and ensures compliance. The combined strength of these interdependent pillars allows organizations to cost effectively manage its security and compliance efforts.


  • Impervious understands that people are a strength and a weakness in defending your organization.
  • Impervious empowers employees with training, tools, knowledge, and testing to reduce cyber threats.
  • Impervious provides guidance to achieve appropriate service and security management.
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  • Impervious helps define policy driven compliance and cyber security programs.
  • Detail requirements to protect data, systems, customers, users, privacy, and compliance.
  • Impervious assists in managing policy’s and user acknowledgments.
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  • Impervious processes support a risk-based mitigation strategy.
  • Repeatable and managed security processes provide quantifiable results.
  • Impervious supports an ongoing cyber security maturation process.
  • Impervious combines leading IT service management and security processes.
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  • Impervious provides holistically focused solutions in support of people, policies, and processes.
  • Our solutions address an organization identified risks, risk tolerance, and size.
  • Impervious partners with leading technology providers and services.
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Our unique cyber platform enables layered defense capabilities that go beyond cyber security. Our tailored roadmap to guided implementation offers a low cost approach for a high-cost solution.

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